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What The Colors Of Every Crystal Mean & How They Can Help You Choose The Right One

Hey there!

You must have figured out my love for crystals by now and all the secrets they are hiding….

The French « Ă‰ditions Alliance Magique” kindly sent me the book by Karen Frazier called “Crystals for beginners” (always a pleasure to receive books, thanks!) in which we get to learn about all the benefits of crystals and how to use them every day !

“Crystals for beginners” is a simple and handy guide that explains how crystals can help us work on our emotions thanks to “prescriptions” (that’s how the author calls these mantras and rituals).

This pretty book gives a clear and thorough introduction to relaxation and well-being (she uses the term “healing” but i’m cautious with this word…) through the energy of crystals but also precious tips to start an efficient collection.

In this book, you can find detailed descriptions of about 40 crystals with each of their benefits and how to use them.

Love, anxiety, happiness, anger, compassion, courage, decision, gratitude, balance, inner peace, forgiveness, patience, regrets, stress… This books offers 75 rituals and mantras to follow with your crystals to find your inner calm.

In one passage of the book, we learn about the meaning of crystals colors. I thought it could be interesting to share this with you so I created an infographic.

The meaning of crystals colors according to Karen Frazier:

What The Colors Of Every Crystal Mean & How They Can Help You Choose The Right One

How to pick your first crystal

If you want to treat yourself with your first crystal, i would suggest you go with the flow. Instinctively, you have to feel “attracted” to the crystal, by its color, its shape… You need to feel that it reflect your personality 🌟

Hold it in your hand and try to analyze how you feel. A bit like you were assessing if it could become a close friend: “ Do I like its energy, is it soft, could it be comforting?”…

This past week, I went with my friend Julie in a store so she can choose her first crystals. Something crazy happened: she was holding 4 crystals in her hand (pink quartz, rock-crystal, amethyst and black tourmaline) and she felt like they were quickly heating up in her palm. She explains to me that if felt as if these crystals were naturally attracted to her solar plexus … it was clear that the crystals had “chosen” Julie :

julie chez Mystic Journey Bookstore 💗 My friend Julie at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Los Angeles ⬆

My morning ritual

In the morning, I like to sit at my dressing table (that quickly turned into my cosy shrine) to perform my own version of the Miracle Morning: visualization, prayer and writing 3 pages in my journal. I added to this routine the prescription from Karen Frazier about gratitude that consists in placing a pink quartz (heart shaped ideally) on the heart chakra and softly say:

Grateful prayer by Karen Frazier

It gives me the chills everytime (I tell myself it’s because it is working and it can’t hurt!)

What about you ? Any rituals to refocus on yourself?

Take care of yourself !

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