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Book Summary of "Make your Bed" by William H. McRaven


William H. McRaven is a retired US Navy Admiral. He spent 37 years of his life in the Special Forces (Navy SEALS). As a 4 star Admiral, he commanded the entire US Special Forces and was supervising the operation to capture Bin Laden.

In 2014, he lectured college students at the Texas University and provided them with the 10 life principles that allowed him to succeed in his career and overcome complex and sensitive situations as a Special Forces supervisor. His speech tuned into a YouTube sensation when it reached over 10 million views!

In his book “Make Your Bed”, William H. McRaven reveals his 10 life principles that helped him overcome obstacles, challenge himself and succeed where he thought he would fail. Principles illustrated through anecdotes about his Army career.

Summary of « Make your Bed » by Amiral William H. McRaven

🌟Book Summary of "Make your Bed" by William H. McRaven 💪🏻On Goodie Mood, The Feel Good Blog 🦄#makeyourbed #selfdevelopment #positivethinking #infographics #10principlestohappiness #happiness #personaldevelopment

What this book taught me

What a delight to feel the softness of my bed sheets under my feet and breathe in my Snuggle smell blanket while picturing the author waking up at 4 am to jump in the cold and shark infested waters of the San Diego Bay Area for his Army training !

I felt so comfy …

The anecdotes illustrating each of the Colonel’s teaching are very inspiring and shed some light on how tough the Army life can be. It makes you realize how lucky we are to have the comfort and security of a civil life with all the freedom that it provides us.

This optimistic manifest is very easy to read. It can even be read within a couple of commutes or bedtimes.

I feel that this Self Improvement book could really resonate to cartesian and pragmatic people who are not fan of edgy esoteric theories (which I love !)

I will sneak it under my Sweetheart’s pillow to see what he thinks of it …💗

Happy reading and feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below ↓ or on my Facebook page !

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Take good care of yourself!
🌙 Élodie 🌸

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🌟Book Summary of "Make your Bed" by William H. McRaven 💪🏻On Goodie Mood, The Feel Good Blog 🦄#makeyourbed #selfdevelopment #positivethinking #infographics #10principlestohappiness #happiness #personaldevelopment

Oh and before you go… !

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