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10 Feel Good Shows That Will Cheer You Up !

If summer is still too far away for you, if you are still upset at your colleague for that stupid comment, if you are down because Tinder is too cruel: Don’t panic ! I have 10 awesome remedies to temporarily switch off your brain and put a smile back on your face ! 🥳

Here is a list of 10 TV shows that will wash away your sad mood in no time (in no particular order … I love them ALL equally !)

Some are a bit old but it gives a comfy little nostalgia to it. Buckle up!

10 Feel Good Shows That Will Cheer You Up

Infographics : 10 Feel Good Shows That Will Cheer You Up #infographics #show #feelgood #funny #list

  1. Parks and Recreation

    Feminist, hyper and idealistic Leslie Knope is the Deputy director of the Park and Recreation Department of Pawnee, IN. She has ambitious political goals but her colleagues are totally incompetent. Parks and Recreation is clearly the female version of The Office but slightly less out of control.


  3. How I Met Your Mother

    The architect Ted Mosby is in love with love. Through 208 episodes, he describes to his kids how he met their mother. How I met Your Mother is a story of a bunch of friends living in New York City who we care more and more about as the seasons continue.


  5. The Last Man on Earth

    A virus wiped out Humanity and Phil Miller believes he is the last man alive. After months of living a chaotic life and turning pools into giant Margaritas (or toilets) he decides to commit suicide…. When he bumps into Carol, the last woman on Earth who is his exact opposite in every possible ways. But he will have to deal with her ! Only 4 seasons of The Last Man on Earth unfortunately but the concept of this show is hilarious!


  7. The Office

    Obviously ! A classic ! The Office tells the story of the employees of Dunder Mifflin, a paper dealer company on Scranton, Philadelphia (America’s finest small town). The Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell at his best) is so awkward and obnoxious that you can’t stop laughing. I tried to watch these short episodes over lunch breaks but I almost choked on my salad. Consider yourself warned !


  9. The I.T Crowd

    Do you know this ? I feel like this amazing British comedy show is not very famous here and that is really sad. The IT Crowd shows the everyday life of the IT department of a major London agency. Jen is hired as head of the IT department but doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer. Moss and Roy are two socially awkward geeks who would do anything but work and Richmond (my favourite!) lives in the server room. Hilarious!


  11. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    In real life, Larry David is the producer of the successful Seinfeld TV show. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, he plays as himself with his wife and friends in Los Angeles. But Larry can’t keep his mouth shut or his thoughts for himself so he ends up hated by most of the Hollywood celebs. Quiproquo and awkward situations guaranteed in every episodes !


  13. Grace and Frankie

    Grace and Frankie have nothing in common. One is a dressed up successful business woman and the other is a hippie artist who wears nothing but overalls. One day, their respective husbands tell them that they are lovers and they will get married. The two women in their 70s will have to learn to live under the same roof with all the compromises that it will imply.


  15. New Girl

    Jess caught her boyfriend red handed with another woman and she feels miserable. She quickly finds 3 new roommates (all men) that will help her to get back on her feet. New Girl is a cute TV show that always put me in a good mood and Zooey Deschanel is awesome in it!


  17. Friends

    I think this show is probably in everyone’s top 10. Timeless, Friends checks all the items you will need for a comforting show: a bunch of friends we all wish we had, a NYC apartment we all wish we lived in, love stories, drama and laughter at every episodes plus, a baby monkey (Marcel!🐒)


  19. Malcolm in The Middle

    You forgot that one huh? It’s that kind of show that gets on repeat on French TV and that I never get tired of watching (like “The Nanny”, “Bewitched” or “Step by Step”). Malcom is a super smart kid with a high IQ but it doesn’t run in the family… His little brother Dowey is my favorite and Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) is perfect in this comedy 💗.


Did you know all of them ? Is there one of them that tops them all ?
Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below ⬇

Take care of yourself !

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Infographics : 10 Feel Good Shows That Will Cheer You Up #infographics #show #feelgood #funny #list

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