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The summary of "The Secret. by Rhonda Byrne

A few years ago, back when I was working in Montreal, a coworker who was clean up his house kindly left a DVD called The Secret on my desk one morning:
“What is THAT?” I asked.
“It’s a documentary that my wife really likes. It’s a bit edgy but you seem to be the kind of person who would like it too”.

Talking about edgy, I wasn’t disappointed. Here it was on my computer screen: Dramatic music, Gregorian chants, parchment paper styled animations, actors in medieval outfits with Quebecer accent. This DVD brightened my week and beyond. Thank you life!

Beyond the debatable director’s graphic choices for this documentary, there was explained a powerful theory: We would be capable of attracting what we focus on in our own imagination, that’s the Law of Attraction.

What’s the Law of Attraction?

Universe is ruled by natural Laws: Gravity, Nuclear, Electromagnetic … and quantum physics explains that there is also a Law of Attraction: everything emits energy. Absolutely EVERYTHING!

"Our thoughts and emotions constantly shape and reorganize our reality." - Quote about the law of attraction

Everything emits a continuous frequency of energy (people, plants, water, animals, objects and THOUGHTS) and all the energies interact with each other. “The Secret” gives us the key to attract what we are pursuing in our lives and be content.

Here is a summary of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne through a series of illustrated takeaways so you understand the key principles of the Law of Attraction.

Hope it will get you inspired! 🌟

Summary of the book « The Secret » by Rhonda Byrne

Discover the summary of "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and learn more about the law of attraction ! #rhondabyrme #lawofattraction #gratitude #selfhelpbook #thesecret #happiness

What this book brought me

Without even being aware of it, I was practicing visualization since I was a little girl (thanks to Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls that talked about her « Cosmic Shopping Lists » to the Universe in a documentary).

Through all my different moves, I always carry with me my box of old journals where I glue images of what i would like to have in my life. Still to this day, I practice visualization after my daily 3 pages routine (exercise described in the book “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron of which you can read my summary here) and it makes me feel really good.

Click to discover the summary of "The Artist's way" by Julia Cameron

Throughout the years, I witnessed that the Law of Attraction worked pretty well for me as long as I was holding on to my wishes with conviction and repeatedly thought of them with a grateful attitude.

After 5 years in Montreal, I made the wish to live an experience in the USA – in a warm spot if possible. I glued images of California on EVERY SINGLE page of my journal not really knowing how life could possibly get us there…. It didn’t take long before an ex colleague of my husband Damien offered him a position and triggered a move to LA in record time ! Looks like my soul was craving for some vitamin D…

If something doesn’t come true, I wisely tell myself that it wasn’t necessarily a good time or something else awaits for me… As I truly believe that nothing happens randomly, it keeps me optimistic (and maybe a little naive) whatever happens, all the dots will connect one day.

"The universe likes speed. Don't delay, don't second-guess, don't doubt..." "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne

Every experiences serve a purpose, even though sometimes it took a couple of years to take a step back and figure out why this encounter or this difficulty was in my way … when back then, I would live this experience as a “punishment” (some kind of instant karma i guess).

The hardest part of this exercise for me is to switch frequency when i’m in a bad mood. I’m very sensitive so it doesn’t take much to mess up my temper.

I have to be cautious on what information, sounds or images I consume everyday to stay in a good mood and focus on what I really want rather than focusing on my fears or what I want to avoid in my life (I don’t want to sound like a hermit in denial but I strongly recommend to turn off breaking news notifications on your cell phone and avoid reading headlines from websites that are more and more dramatic and depressing just to get more clicks without thinking of the impact it has on our mind/body …)

My morning ritual (write 3 pages/meditate/pray/visualize…) helps me to keep a connection between my wishlist and Up-There. Stay positive and think that the Universe is my invisible BFF makes my life sweeter and brings me a hint of magic in my everyday life. I need it.

Yet, I have a few questions…

I would have liked to know what were the sources that stated that Newton, Einstein, Victor Hugo and co practiced gratitude and were making wishes to the Universe.

Some sections of the documentary insinuate that the knowledge of the Law of Attraction was transmitted from members to members within secret societies …. I would have liked to know more about this, although, I found this article (in French 🇫🇷) on The Rosicrucian Order blog.

People interviewed in the documentary talked a lot about material and/or superficial wishes (close ups on jewelry, luxury cars and this guys asking the Universe to seduce 3 women per week …) was a bit disappointed. I would have liked to focus more on wishes that serves the community. Like, pray for a miracle cure for cancer or for the discovery of a new type of seaweed that can transform CO2 in oxygen at high speed! Would have been great that Rhonda Byrne met Matthieu Ricard to talk about selfless love for instance !

Last hiccup: According to “The Secret”, EVERYTHING that happens in my life is due to the attraction of my imagination.

But that also means I attracted the pneumonia that kept me stuck in a hospital bed? The Asthma that I was born with? The myopia that I have since I’m 3 years old?

There are few gray areas in there that can create some guilt and that makes me a bit uncomfortable, I would like to know your thoughts on this!

In any case, this documentary, while regularly mocked, is a reference in the New Age beliefs and self-improvement topics. I strongly believe that optimism and gratitude make life more enjoyable and yes, I have no doubt that our state of mind has an impact on the energy we generate.

I don’t know how to explain it but I tend to think that if you clearly identify your needs and remain confident that the Universe is our ally, we have the power to make our lives better.
Hashtag CareBears.

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I’m working on a couple of articles that will talk about my rituals, my grimoire and my inspirations.

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I hope that this summary got you inspired !

Feel free to share on the Interwebs and let me know what you thought of it !

Take care of yourself,

🌟 Goodie 🔮


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Discover the summary of "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and learn more about the law of attraction ! #rhondabyrme #lawofattraction #gratitude #selfhelpbook #thesecret #happiness

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