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Goodie Mood is a cozy blog dedicated to well-being and Self-improvement to enjoy on your coffee break ☕️

Goodie Mood, a cozy blog about personal improvement and well being to enjoy your coffee break ! #personaldevelopmenet #wellbeing #happy #cozy #zen #feelgood

Welcome ! I’m Élodie (Éloïtsmi), French web designer with some sparkles of anxiety, but thanks to Tony Robbins and Elizabeth Gilbert : everything is gonna be alright.

After spending most of my early life in Paris, France and then 5 years in Montreal, Canada, here I am soaking up the sun in California with my sweet husband.

Creating colorful and childish images fills my heart with happiness and I’m quite convinced that cute images can comfort people and make the world softer(haters gonna hate but I’m holding on tight to this belief !)

I’m a happy person but my sensitivity can sometimes lead me to unpleasant territories of emotional turbulence. So I take refuge in reading self-help books and personal development essays, which promise is a peaceful life in exchange of $15 and 150 pages.

But in reality, it’s way more complex…

The recipe for happiness is unique to everyone and I try to find my own through this blog, with just a pinch of meditation, visualization and breathing exercises.

On this blog, I am refining my mystical knowledge with the precious help of books about outlandish subjects, such as the power of minerals, the art of aromatherapy or the magic of green juice… Dad if you’re reading this DON’T FREAK OUT.

Here, we’re cozy. So sit back, relax and help yourself to ingredients you prefer to concoct your own recipe of happiness and fill up your creativity and optimism with me !


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Bye !

🌸 Élodie 🌸

Keep this blog closely !

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Goodie Mood, A Feel Good Blog 🌟 #selfimprovement #happiness #french #happy #books #summaries #infographics

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Bonjour! Je suis Élodie, graphiste & illustratrice française vivant à Los Angeles en Californie ! Vous trouverez ici du contenu coloré et réconfortant pour enrichir votre pause café et remplumer votre créativité !
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