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I spend way too much time on 💗 Instagram 💗 my favorite social media !
It gives me so many inspirations and ideas, and I can’t help but dreaming of the perfect life some professional bloggers make us believe they’re living.

I’m sure you use Instagram stories, everybody loves them…
So look what I created for you !

10 Free Templates for your Instagram Stories so that your followers can learn a bit more about your taste ✨

How does it work ?

1. Download the following images in your photo library on your phone ✔
2. In your Instagram Stories, add your personal comments on each image 🤘🏻
3. Don’t hesitate to mention @Goodiemood, it’s always appreciated! 💗

Here we go…

10 Free Illustrated Templates to Download for Your Instagram Stories

  1. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Things Right Now » 🍋

    Write your favorite Tv show / book / movie / gif :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite things right now


  3. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Song » 🎵

    Insert your favorite song with the « Music » option on Instagram :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite song


  5. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Quote » 🙏🏻

    Write down your favorite inspirational quote :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite inspirational quote


  7. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Hobby » 🏀

    Napping? Knitting? Collect lost buttons in the subway? Tell us everything :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite hobby


  9. Instagram Story Template « My 3 Favorite Instagram Accounts » 📷

    Share 3 Instagram accounts you never miss a post :

    template story instagram - trois comptes instagram preferes - goodiemood


  11. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Place » 🏝

    Tell us the place where you can completely be yourself :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite place


  13. Instagram Story Template « My Feel Good Book » 📖

    Share the title of the book that you can read again and again :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite book


  15. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Character » 😎

    Tell us more about your favorite fictional icon :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite fictional character


  17. Instagram Story Template « My 3 Favorite Podcasts » 🎙

    Share 3 podcasts that cheer you up when you’re at work :

    Free Instagram Story Template - My 3 favorite podcasts


  19. Instagram Story Template « My Favorite Netflix Show » 📺

    We KNOW that it’s still Friends!

    Free Instagram Story Template - My favorite Netflix show

    via GIPHY


Don’t hesitate to use these templates in your Instagram Stories
Have fun !!

Have a lovely week,

🔮 Élodie ✨

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Download your 10 templates for your Instagram Stories - Goodie mood

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