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download your free wallpaper for February 2019 with this cute llama

Hey there !

So, how did this first month of the year go ? If you read this, it means you survived so it wasn’t THAT bad.
Kudos to you! 🥳

Look what I sketched for you to celebrate this achievement: Valentin, the baby llama who only wants to spread love on your screens!

Hope you will adopt him (he is very clean and doesn’t take up much space) 🦙

  1. Download this cute wallpaper for your phone :

    Download your free wallpaper for your phone - cute llama


  2. Download your February 2019 calendar “Valentin, the baby Lama”

    You can set this as a wallpaper to brighten your desktop or print it in PDF! !

    Download your free calendar for your desktop for February 2019 - cute llama

  3. Share this “Baby Lama” wallpaper !

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    Thanks! 💗

    Download your FREE WALLPAPER "Valentine the Cute Llama" for February 2019 ! On Goodie Mood, the Feel Good Blog 🦙 #llama #cute #wallpaper #desktop #iphone #free #printable #goodie #calendar #smile #fun #cutenessoverload

Tell me what you think in the comment section below !
Have a wonderful week-end and take care 🙂

🔮 Élodie 🌟

Oh and before you go… !

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