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Fond d'écran gratuit Dumbo Disney

Hi there !

It’s already time to change your wallpaper for April !

I just offered myself a brand new iPad for my birthday 💸 and this wallpaper has been a good excuse to draw my first illustration with the app Procreate. This was a lot of fun !

For April 2019, I have been inspired by the new Disney movie by Tim Burton, did you see it ? 🐘


I hope you will enjoy my illustrations!
Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about this Dumbo wallpaper in the comments below ⬇️ or on my Facebook page 👍🏻

Download your free wallpapers Dumbo !

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    download your free wallpaper Dumbo - phone


  3. Download your free wallpaper/calendar Dumbo for April 2019

    Click to download your wallpaper / calendar for April 2019! You can also print the PDF version to spread a little love in your office 💗

    download your free wallpaper Dumbo - desktop


  5. Spread the love!

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    This will give my blog some spotlight!

    Merci merci!

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I really hope my illustrations will brighten up your screens during April 🐘
Have a lovely day!

Take care,

🔮 Goodie Mood 🌟

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Inspiration on Pinterest :
Enamel pin of Dumbo the flying elephant

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