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Download your Free wallpaper & calendar "baby Groot" for December !

December ?! ALREADY ?

This year has passed so fast and I’m still trying to catch up on all the things that I haven’t checked on my 2019 to do list yet.

I’m quite excited because 2019 has been filled with beautiful encounters and discoveries.
Thinking about the last 11 months, I can’t help but feeling grateful and lucky for all those new experiences and learnings !

For example I have:
РSeen John Williams and Mike Mass̩ in concert
– Read 23 books 📖 📖 📖
– Watched 29 movies at the Theater, including « Moulin Rouge » at the Forever Cemetery !
– Met the French author Catherine Testa and her adorable assistant Alexia
– Met one of my favorite Disney artists, Brittney Lee
– Attended the Good Mood Class of Sophie Trem from the French blog The Other Art of Living in Malibu ! 🌴

– Discovered Joshua Tree National Park, kayaked on the Long Beach canals, visited the Queen Mary boat
– by some crazy coincidence, I found myself meeting the funk superstar / bassist Stanley Clarke

(Well, there has been some fails, as I STILL did not make an appointment for my driving exam, but ya know …)

Enough talking, look what we have here…


Download your Free Calendar & iPhone Wallpaper for December 2019

Joyful Baby Groot smiling on your screens : 🌱

  1. ❄️ Download your Free Wallpaper « I am Groot » for your iPhone

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  3. 📅 Download Your Free Calendar for December 2019

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    CLick to download your free calendar for December 2019 "baby Groot" - December 2019


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    Download your Free wallpaper & calendar "baby Groot" for December !


I really hope this Baby Groot will put a smile on your face when you look at your screen throughout December! 💗

Don’t hesitate to share this wallpaper with your friends and colleagues, and if you understand French, follow me on Instagram to have your daily dose of inspiration ✨

Take care!


✨ Élodie ❄️

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