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Download your free card for Valentines'day 2019

Hi there!

To show you my infinite love for Valentines’ Day 2019, I’m offering you this free card to print « Corgi and Kitty »!

You can print your card on a thicker paper (like Bristol paper), don’t forget to check the « optimal quality » on your printer options for a more beautiful rendering. Or you can print this on the sly at your office during the lunch break, that’ll do.

  1. Print your Card « Corgi and Kitty » for Valentines’Day !

    Click on the button to download and print your free card 💗

    Click to download your free card for Valentines'day 2019

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I hope you’ll like this card! Don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram and share my book summaries and goodies to your friends and colleagues 🙏🏻

Have a wonderful week and take care 🙂

🔮 Élodie 🌟

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